Dynamics of nanocomposites

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© 2017 Elsevier Ltd The results on the dynamics of the polymer chains in classical nanocomposites of hard nanoparticles in a soft matrix are summarized. The molecular motion depends on the interactions of the chains with the nanoparticle surfaces and concentration. Addition of nanoparticles reduces the diffusion of chains and changes the entanglement density. Even strongly adsorbed chain segments seem to be highly mobile. The mode spectrum of the large-scale segmental chain relaxation is strongly affected by adsorption, while the relaxation time is lesser or not affected. Substantial progress has been achieved in understanding and producing materials with unparalleled properties. Especially grafting chains that are chemically dissimilar to the matrix chains can use the dynamic asymmetry and have the capability to manipulate and produce materials for future applications.

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Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering

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