Amorphous Li2 O2 : Chemical Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties

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When aprotic Li-O2 batteries discharge, the product phase formed in the cathode often contains two different morphologies, that is, crystalline and amorphous Li2 O2 . The morphology of Li2 O2 impacts strongly on the electrochemical performance of Li-O2 cells in terms of energy efficiency and rate capability. Crystalline Li2 O2 is readily available and its properties have been studied in depth for Li-O2 batteries. However, little is known about the amorphous Li2 O2 because of its rarity in high purity. Herein, amorphous Li2 O2 has been synthesized by a rapid reaction of tetramethylammonium superoxide and LiClO4 in solution, and its amorphous nature has been confirmed by a range of techniques. Compared with its crystalline siblings, amorphous Li2 O2 demonstrates enhanced charge-transport properties and increased electro-oxidation kinetics, manifesting itself a desirable discharge phase for high-performance Li-O2 batteries.

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Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English)

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