Modifying Metastable SrBO (B = Nb, Ta, and Mo) Perovskites for Electrode Materials

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The presence of surface/deep defects in 4d- and 5d-perovskite oxide (ABO, B = Nb, Ta, Mo, etc.) nanoparticles (NPs), originating from multivalent B-site cations, contributes to suppressing their metallic properties. These defect states can be removed using a H/Ar thermal treatment, enabling the recovery of their electronic properties (i.e., low electrical resistivity, high carrier concentration, etc.) as expected from their electronic structure. Therefore, to engineer the electronic properties of these metastable perovskites, an oxygen-controlled crystallization approach coupled with a subsequent H/Ar treatment was utilized. A comprehensive study of the effect of the post-treatment time on the electronic properties of these perovskite NPs was performed using a combination of scattering, spectroscopic, and computational techniques. These measurements revealed that a metallic-like state is stabilized in these oxygen-reduced NPs due to the suppression of deep rather than surface defects. Ultimately, this synthetic approach can be employed to synthesize ABO perovskite NPs with tunable electronic properties for application into electrochemical devices.

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ACS applied materials & interfaces

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