Foamitizer: High ethanol content foams using fatty acid crystalline particles

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Aqueous foams are encountered in many commercial products used in our everyday lives and are widely studied. However, the formation and stabilization of foams using high alcohol content (>75%) solvents such as ethanol is still a scientific challenge. Herein, we report for the first-time foams based on high ethanol content showing long-term stability by using natural fatty acid crystals. The platelet-shape crystals are adsorbed at the air-water surface protecting the bubbles against coalescence. The melting of crystals triggers the foam destabilization leading to thermostimulable high ethanol content foams. These foams can be used as a new formulation strategy for alcohol-based hand sanitizers to better clean hands, protect the skin by the presence of fatty acids, and limit the transmission of virus and other pathogens.

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Journal of colloid and interface science

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