Isolation of an osmotin-like protein gene from strawberry and analysis of the response of this gene to abiotic stresses

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A strawberry genomic clone containing an osmotin-like protein (OLP) gene, designated FaOLP2, was isolated and sequenced. FaOLP2 is predicted to encode a precursor protein of 229 amino acid residues, and its sequence shares high degrees of homology with a number of other OLPs. Genomic DNA hybridization analysis indicated that FaOLP2 represents a multi-gene family. The expression of FaOP2 in different strawberry organs was analyzed using real-time PCR. The results showed that FaOLP2 expressed at different levels in leaves, crowns, roots, green fruits and ripe red fruits. In addition, the expression of FaOLP2 under different abiotic stresses was analyzed at different time points. All of the three tested abiotic stimuli, abscisic acid, salicylic acid and mechanical wounding, triggered a significant induction of FaOLP2 within 2-6h post-treatment. Moreover, FaOLP2 was more prominently induced by salicylic acid than by abscisic acid or mechanical wounding. The positive responses of FaOLP2 to the three abiotic stimuli suggested that strawberry FaOLP2 may help to protect against osmotic-related environmental stresses and that it may also be involved in plant defense system against pathogens.

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Journal of plant physiology

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