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Two new polymorphic Alu elements (HS2.25 and HS4.14) belonging to the young (Ya5/8) subfamily of human-specific Alu repeats have been identified. DNA sequence analysis of both Alu repeats revealed that each Alu repeat had a long 3'-oligo-dA-rich tail (41 and 52 nucleotides in length) and a low level of random mutations. HS2.25 and HS4.14 were flanked by short precise direct repeats of 8 and 14 nucleotides in length, respectively. HS2.25 was located on human chromosome 13, and HS4.14 on chromosome 1. Both Alu elements were absent from the orthologous positions within the genomes of non-human primates, and were highly polymorphic in a survey of twelve geographically diverse human groups.

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Mutation Research - Mutation Research Genomics

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