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Photothermal deflection spectroscopy was applied to the selective detection of iron(II) chelate with ferrozine by its sorption preconcentration on Silufol plates. The linearity range was 1 × 10-11-6 × 10 -8 mol cm-2 of chelate at the plate surface, which corresponded to 1 × 10-9 × 10-6 M of chelate in solution. The limits of detection and quantification are 8 × 10 -12 and 2.5 × 10-11 mol cm-2 at the plate from 15 μL of test solution (0.5 nM and 1.5 nM in solution, respectively), and the absolute detection limit is 8 fmol in the whole spot applied to a plate. Characteristics and features of photothermal deflection detection are discussed. © 2008 Society for Applied Spectroscopy.

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Applied Spectroscopy

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