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Squirrelmonkeys,Saimiri,arecommonlyfoundinzoologicalparksandusedinbiomedicalresearch.S.boliviensisisthemostcommon species for research; however, there is little information about genome evolution within this primate lineage. Here, we reconstruct the Alu element sequence amplification and evolution in the genus Saimiri at the time of divergence within the family Cebidae lineage. Alu elements are the most successful SINE (Short Interspersed Element) in primates. Here, we report 46 Saimiri lineage specificAlusubfamilies.RetrotranspositionactivityinvolvedsubfamiliesrelatedtoAluS,AluTa10,andAluTa15.Manysubfamiliesare simultaneously active within the Saimiri lineage, a finding which supports the stealth model of Alu amplification. We also report a high resolution analysis of Alu subfamilies within the S. boliviensis genome [saiBol1].


Originally published 2017 in Genome Biology and Evolution