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The imprinting and transcription of the 500 kb genomic region surrounding the mouse Peg3 is predicted to be regulated by the Peg3-differentially methylated region (DMR). In the current study, this prediction was tested using a mutant mouse line lacking this potential imprinting control region (ICR). At the organismal level, paternal and maternal transmission of this knockout (KO) allele caused either reduced or increased growth rates in the mouse, respectively. In terms of the imprinting control, the paternal transmission of the KO allele resulted in bi-allelic expression of the normally maternally expressed Zim2, whereas the maternal transmission switched the transcriptionally dominant allele for Zfp264 (paternal to maternal). However, the allele-specific DNA methylation patterns of the DMRs of Peg3, Zim2 and Zim3 were not affected in the mice that inherited the KO allele either paternally or maternally. In terms of the transcriptional control, the paternal transmission caused a dramatic down-regulation in Peg3 expression, but overall up-regulation in the other nearby imprinted genes. Taken together, deletion of the Peg3-DMR caused global changes in the imprinting and transcription of the Peg3 domain, confirming that the Peg3-DMR is an ICR for this imprinted domain. © The Author 2012. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved.

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Human Molecular Genetics

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