Carboxymethylated-, hydroxypropylsulfonated- and quaternized xylan derivative films

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Under alkaline/water conditions carboxymethyl, 2-hydroxypropylsulfonate and trimethylammonium-2-hydroxypropyl groups were introduced into xylan in one step with the goal to prepare film specimens. The materials were characterized by NMR, SEC-MALS, TG/DTG/DTA, AFM and mechanical testing. The properties of triple, double and mono-substituted materials were compared. The numerical molar masses of the specimens were from 12.3 to 17.6 kg/mol with Mw/Mn from 1.27 to 1.34. The elastic modulus values are decreasing in order: xylan (X; 7354 MPa)>carboxymethyl xylan (CX; 6090MPa)>2-hydroxypropylsulfonate xylan (SX; 6000 MPa)>carboxymethyl/2-hydroxypropylsulfonate xylan (CSX; 4490 MPa)>quaternized xylan (QX; 3600 MPa)>carboxymethyl/quaternary/2-hydroxypropylsulfonate xylan (CQSX; 3380 MPa)>carboxymethyl/quaternary xylan (CQX; 2805 MPa). The onset temperatures of SX (214°C), CQSX (212°C), QSX (211°C) and CQX (207°C) were higher than for X (205°C). The roughness values of the film surfaces (3.634-18.667 nm) are higher on top than on the bottom of the specimen.

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Carbohydrate polymers

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