At Louisiana State University, our Biological and Agricultural Engineering students engage in rigorous coursework that integrates applied biology into the fundamental engineering principles, including those in mechanical, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering.

Our BE students graduate with basic engineering skills, technical knowledge, and professional and personal skills to effectively practice engineering in conjuction with biological systems. They obtain positions in a wide range of career fields, like oil and gas, the medical industry, and federal government. Some jobs our students are eligible for are biomedical engineer, soil scientist, plant geneticist, and agricultural consultant, just to name a few.

Our BE program enables students to pursue interests in variety of bioengineering subfields including: Biomedical, Bioenvironmental, Bioprocessing, and Agricultural.

Integration of applied biology into the fundamental engineering principles is for the purpose of designing processes and systems that influence, control, or utilize biological materials, animals, plants, humans, and other living organisms for the benefit of society.


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