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Latin American cities face many problems that compromise them from different angles such as lack of infrastructure, government fragmentation, and environmental degradation. At the same time, each city tries to come up with its own solutions, but there are so many difficulties that in many cases it is difficult to keep attention and efforts focused on all these directions. For these reasons, this research aims to define some of the most common problems faced by cities in Latin America. Disseminating these similarities could help to face those problems, since, if local governments recognize that they face the same situations as their neighbors, they could organize themselves to study them and find solutions. To achieve these objectives, this research reviewed the diagnoses made by hundreds of Best Practice proposals collected in the libraries of UN Habitat and the Dubai International Award for Best Practices. Based on these results, this research built a proposal for the contest "Participatory Projects in Public Space Contest" organized in commemoration of the 450 years of Caracas. This proposal served as a case study where some of these cross-cutting problems in the region were explored. At the same time, the contest served as a framework to make these results public and promote discussion on some of these important issues. Finally, this research links different stages and synthesizes some important efforts that are intended to serve as a reference framework to better understand serious and everyday problems that are manifested in Latin American cities.

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Anales de Investigación en Arquitectura