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With the accelerated growth of most Venezuelan cities, many of them show precarious settlements where residents seek to resolve their housing needs while services, facilities, and public spaces in particular hove been neglected. This is the case in Caracas and within the Municipality of Sucre, the second largest in size and population of the whole country. In this context. the Espacios Sucre Program, an interdisciplinary initiative with the main purpose of building networks of public space in both small and medium scales, not only works to confront the deficit but also to relate the contrasting areas of the Municipality and strengthen its identity as a whole. To achieve this, all the parties involved share authorship and they work in teams to solve problems. The parties involved include: Sucre's Municipality team of professionals; teachers and students of architecture working in the studios, in internships, and in community service projects: organized communities: artists: freelancers: and private companies. This approach, in addition to serving the inhabitants, emphasizes two important points of the current university curriculum. These points include preparing future professionals into the interdisciplinary context and exercising hands on work with the communities. After four years, all this work has produced 37,000 square meters of new or rehabilitated public space, which has been developed with a particular sense of social integration.

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Creative Adjacencies. New Challenges for Architecture, Design and Urbanism

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