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In Caracas, insecurity has prompted an individual but generalized quest for isolation that is translated into an accelerated growth of boundaries as walls and fences. This situation has led to a significant deterioration of the spaces around them, setback space on one side and the street on the other, confined and divided, urban fabric if getting fragmented. The research wants then to illustrate this complex problem from a qualitative methodology and the hermeneutic circle, from which dialogical relationships are established between the elements analyzed. The main contributions of the research highlights the explanation of a reality that is happening nowadays and the formulation of certain criteria than await to assist in future researches or projects that seek to attend these circumstances. Insecurity conditions do not seem to be near to the end, which is why it is especially necessary to think this issue and try to contribute from the architectural discipline to generate a change in the current Caracas.

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Bitácora Urbano Territorial

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