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Microbial phytase has been shown to increase the availability of Ca, P, ME, and amino acids (AA) in diets for broilers. However, much more research has been conducted on the Ca and P effects than on the ME and AA effects. Therefore, 2 experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of phytase on the release of ME and AA from corn-soybean meal diets for broilers. Experiment 1 was a battery study that lasted for 14 d and included diets adequate in all nutrients, diets deficient in ME and AA, and these later 2 diets with and without added phytase. Experiment 2 was a floor-pen study that lasted 42 d and included diets with reduced levels of ME and AA with added phytase. Growth performance, meat quality, and tibia ash were not affected by using the ME and AA values for phytase. Total P, soluble P, and inorganic soluble P in the litter were reduced when phytase was added to the diets. These data indicate that ME and AA values for phytase can be used in diet formulations for broilers with no loss in growth or yield performance, but a decrease in the P content of the litter will be observed.

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Journal of Applied Poultry Research

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