Tourism for surf and marsh fishing in coastal Louisiana: effects of site closure, travel cost decrease, and entrance fee increase

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We apply the generalised corner solution model to understand recreational behaviour for surf and marsh fishing trips to six sites in coastal Louisiana. Results showed statistically significant effects of individual’s demographic characteristics and site physical and environmental characteristics. The closure of the three most used recreational sites (Grand Isle, Elmer’s Island, and Port Fourchon) caused a welfare loss in an amount ranging from $592 to $2,101 per traveller per year. The welfare impact of the reduction in travel cost was $390 per traveller per year. An increase in the recreational site entrance fee caused welfare losses. This study has implications for site closure and welfare losses, such as those that resulted from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill that closed many Louisiana coastal recreational sites for about one year (May 7, 2010 to June 15, 2011) and the Elmer’s Island beaches that were temporarily restricted for fishing access during the Caminada Headland restoration project construction in 2016.

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Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy

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