Testing Consumers for Knowledge of Beef Concepts

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Increasing consumers' competence to make wiser decisions in buying, preparing, and serving food is an important educational task. In developing an educational program of this nature, in formation about consumers' knowledge regarding important food and nutri tion concepts would be invaluable. The purpose of this study was to determine the knowl edge of selected concepts on quality, nutritive value, and preparation and identification of beef among a representative sample of Mississippi homemakers. The mean score of home makers revealed knowledge of 50 percent of the concepts tested. There was considerable variation in knowledge levels of concepts related to quality, nutritive value, and prepara tion and identification. White homemakers, older homemakers, those living in urban areas, and those with higher income and educational levels, were more knowledgeable than homemakers who were black, younger, lived in rural areas, and had less income and educa tion. These differences in knowledge indicate the importance of developing educational programs based on differing needs. 1977 American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

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Home Economics Research Journal

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