Examination of the factorial structure of the positive youth development Program Quality Competency Questionnaire using responses from youth development professionals across the U.S.

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© 2019, © 2019 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. This study established a research instrument, Program Quality Competency Questionnaire (PQCQ), to measure the perceptions of youth development professionals about program theory, program management, child/youth development, and social ecological theory. The structural validity and reliability of the developing instrument was determined using exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factory analysis. The results showed that the exploratory factor analysis yielded a 42-item, 6 factor solution, which was validated by the confirmatory factor analysis conducted. The model had a very good fit to the data, its factor structure was good, and its coefficients of reliability ranged from fair (>.8) to exemplary (>.90). In addition, no excessive multicollinearity was present in the data. There was evidence to claim that the internal structure of the developing instrument was valid and highly reliable.

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Applied Developmental Science

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