Psychometric Analyses of the Motivation to Prepare Healthy Foods Questionnaire Used With Adult College Students

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© 2018 Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior Objective: To develop and validate a questionnaire to measure adult college students’ motivation to prepare healthy foods based on the psychosocial needs identified by Self-determination Theory. Design: This study used a cross-sectional design. Setting: A major southeastern public university. Subjects: A total of 1,027 free-living adults, aged 18–30 years, were recruited. Data from 997 were analyzed. Variables Measured: The 5 constructs of Self-determination Theory were validated. Analysis: Descriptive statistics, exploratory factor analysis, internal consistency, test-retest reliability, confirmatory factor analysis, and respecification analysis were performed. Results: The exploratory factor analysis returned 5 factors with acceptable internal structure. Cronbach α values were.94 for perceived competence,.85 for autonomy support,.87 for intrinsic motivation,.78 for relatedness, and.77 for autonomy. Test-retest reliability coefficients were 0.66–0.79. Confirmatory factor and respecification analyses revealed that the 5-factor structure was an appropriate fit for the data. Conclusions and Implications: More research is needed to test the questionnaire's use in a culinary classroom setting to reaffirm these findings. Future research includes testing the instrument's convergent and discriminant validity, performing differential analyses to generalize its use in a wider adult population, and using it to assess change in motivation as a result of participating in a classroom-based culinary skills-building intervention. Additional confirmatory studies are needed to determine whether using nutrition and kinesiology students in the current study affected construct validity.

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Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior

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