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This research designs and characterizes multifunctional materials, in particular inexpensive shape memory alloys, for transportation structures that possess excellent mechanical properties and self-sensing capabilities for strengthening and health monitoring. The properties are the Fe-SMAs are sensitive to part size in that the grain size of the material, which can be grown to several inches, should exceed the smallest dimension of the part. In the current work, maximum part size of the large dimension Fe-SMA rods were determined through detailed microstructural investigations. Samples were subjected to abnormal grain growth heat treatments and found out that part size be increased up to 4.6 mm. Work to correlate computational and experimental work concerning the magnetic sensing of Fe-SMA transformation was conducted using via tensile loading of Fe-SMA wire. A model was developed to simulate a grain by grain transformation of a wire with large (4mm) grains along the wire, modeled as partitioned segments.


Tran-SET Project No. 18STTAM02