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Navajo Technical University (NTU) in New Mexico, has made a partnership with the Tran-SET regional center at Louisiana State University, LSU. We have provided learning and training the Native American students in transportation-related Industries to some of STEM students at NTU through these partnerships opportunities. The program was designed and supported by Native American students from high school to STEM undergraduate students. The program was implemented accordingly with four main components: (1). Selected eligible and interested Native American student to paid summer internships to the field and facilities of transportations industries and participate in research summer at LSU. (2). Directed the students to the transportation-related workshops and conducting at research NTU and they provided with and prepared them with the necessary background in transportation fields. (3). Several students were selected to research during the academic semester related to the field particularly, analyzing the causes of workforce shortages in the transportation industry. (4). We are planning to create and offer transportation certificate programs at NTU to train and expose the Native American students in transportation fields in the future if we get additional funding. We also proposed projects and conducted significant outreach activities in some of the local high schools and colleges. If successful we are planning to develop online courses, which would be provided for free to the Native American universities across the nation in order to make this program more sustainable. Also, we are expected and planning to support 15-20 undergraduate and high school students per year through this partnership program. Other activities undertaken by NTU were the collaboration with different research, education, and outreach projects related to transportations undertaken by the NTU faculty partners. Some of the NTU STEM and pre-engineering students participated in the summer research internship programs, educational, laboratory, site visits as well as exposing students to the most technically-advanced Material research laboratories in Region 6 as well as state-of-the-art facilities at LSU. Some NTU students worked with local industries and agencies to enhance workforce development in the region.


Tran-SET Project: 17TTNTU01