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Corresponding data set for Tran-SET Project No. 17STLSU03. Abstract of the final report is stated below for reference:

"In this work, we developed a comprehensive framework for corrosion management of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. This framework includes critical steps of an effective approach to quantify the damage evolution as well as providing the timeframe for effective maintenance/repair strategies for corrosion assessment in RC structures. The framework included several activities including the use of indirect and direct inspection tools, theoretical development for damage prediction, experimental measurements and theoretical development of repair time based on reliability. The uniqueness of the framework is the integration of deterministic modeling of corrosion damage evolution by using mechanistic analysis with statistical modeling on corrosion of RC structures by using measurements from the field (or natural environment) and experimental testing (in the laboratory). The framework includes a simple algorithm that relies in each development and task generated from this work to monitor and estimate the status of the reinforced concrete structures and the most suitable strategy to extend the life of the system while maximizing the reliability."


Tran-SET Project No. 17STLSU03