Acculturative stress and binge drinking among international students in the United States: Resilience and vulnerability approaches

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While international students frequently face behavioral health risks due to the stress of adjusting to new cultures, many demonstrate effective coping skills that minimize negative outcomes. The current study tested the mediating effects of resilience and mental health on the relationship between acculturative stress and binge drinking. International students ( = 322) in the United States. A cross-sectional design using both online and paper-based survey was implemented. Structural equation modeling was conducted to test the hypothesized mediation model. The results showed good model fit, with resilience mediating the relationship between acculturative stress and binge drinking in the conceptual model. Behavioral health problems and needs of international students are prevalent themes in social work practice; this study, therefore, has practical implications for U.S. colleges and universities as they make decisions about programs and services.

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Journal of American college health : J of ACH

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