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This qualitative study examined how religion strengthened the marriages of three (n = 6) African American couples. An ancillary purpose of this study is to examine the extent that spirituality influences the marriages of these couples. Through the use of a family-strengths framework, this study examined how a religious orientation (Hill, 1968) stabilized Black marriages. Qualitative analysis revealed the following four themes: (1) Religion is The Foundation of the Marriage; (2) Couples Consistently Practiced their Religion; (3) Couples Turned to Religion during Difficult Times; and (4) Religion Transcended Race. The findings indicate these couples practiced their religion in all aspects of their lives. As it relates to spirituality, these couples discussed this construct as the relationship that they established between themselves and God, and God and their spouse. The study provides an explanation of why a paradox may exist within the African American community in terms of religion and divorce. The implications for research, practice, and policy are discussed.

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Western Journal of Black Studies

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