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Given the increasing debate regarding same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption, few studies to date have examined college student attitudes regarding this topic. This qualitative study explores the sentiments of 31 college students from a large university in the southern region of the country towards gay adoption before and after viewing the documentary We Are Dad (2005). The study allowed students to provide their level of agreement or disagreement with the statements provided by respondents on a public blog site who debated both sides of this issue. In addition, students responded to the following two questions during two points in time: (1) Which statement BEST describes your feelings about gay people adopting children in the foster care system? (2) After viewing We Are Dad (2005), which statement BEST describes your feelings about gay people adopting children in the foster care system? Analysis of the data revealed student responses to be surrounding the following three themes: (a) Support for Gay Adoption; (b) Ambivalence Regarding Gay Adoption; and (c) Disapproval of Gay Adoption. Results indicate the majority of students strongly support or support gay adoption, however, several students were strongly opposed to gay adoption. The implications of these findings for researchers and practitioners are provided.

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Global Journal of Economics and Finance


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