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We demonstrate that a distinct high-disorder anomalous Hall effect phase emerges at the correlated insulator threshold of ultrathin, amorphous, ferromagnetic CNi3 films. In the weak-localization regime, where the sheet conductance G e2/h, the anomalous Hall resistance of the films increases with increasing disorder and the Hall conductance scales as Gxy Gφ with φ=1.6. However, at sufficiently high disorder the system begins to enter the 2D correlated insulator regime, at which point the Hall resistance Rxy abruptly saturates and the scaling exponent becomes φ=2. Tunneling measurements show that the saturation behavior is commensurate with the emergence of the 2D Coulomb gap, suggesting that e-e interactions mediate the high-disorder phase. © 2010 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review Letters