Introducing Octo-tiger/HPX: Simulating interacting binaries with adaptive mesh refinement and the fast multipole method

Dominic C. Marcello, Louisiana State University
Kundan Kadam, Louisiana State University
Geoffrey C. Clayton, Louisiana State University
Juhan Frank, Louisiana State University
Hartmut Kaisar, Louisiana State University
Patrick M. Motl, Indiana University Kokomo


We introduce a new computer code, Octo-tiger/HPX. Octo-tiger/HPX simulates classically self-gravitating hydrodynamic fluids on an adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) grid. It is particularly suited for modeling interacting binary star systems. To that end, Octo-tiger/HPX uses special techniques to ensure the conservation of linear momentum, angular momentum, and energy to machine precision. Octo-tiger/HPX makes use of the new distributed C++ runtime system, High Performance ParakeX, to enable execution on massively parallel computers.