Field-pulse memory in a spin-glass

Devin C. Schmitt, Louisiana State University
Joseph C. Prestigiacomo, Louisiana State University
Philip W. Adams, Louisiana State University
David P. Young, Louisiana State University
Shane Stadler, Louisiana State University
Julia Y. Chan, Louisiana State University


We report a magnetic field-pulse memory effect in the temperature-dependent magnetization of Tb30Ru6.0Sn29.5, a spin-glass material having a newly identified structure type. Tb30Ru 6.0Sn29.5 exhibits a glassy magnetization component of ∼2290 emu/mol-Tb, which represents over 84% of its total saturation magnetization. We show that when a magnetic field pulse of a few hundred gauss is applied to the sample as it is cooling, the system retains a memory of the temperature at which the pulse was applied. Upon warming, the imprinted memory is observed as a precipitous drop in magnetization at the pulse temperature. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.