Fast beta transition in Pt183 and the systematics of Nilsson states in the N=105 isotones

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A -decaying state in Pt183 with a half-life of 435 seconds is observed for the first time and is identified as 72- 514 based on a logft of 4.3 deduced from the mass tables of Wapstra and Bos. It decays to the 92- 514 state in Ir183 at 645 keV, which deexcites to the 52-, 72-, and 92- members of the 12- 541 band at 0, 329, and 16 keV, respectively. This is strong evidence for the applicability of the Nilsson model to the light Pt isotopes. RADIOACTIVITY Pt183 [from W180(N14,p10n), W180(N14,7n), E=187 MeV; Hg183 and Au183 decays]; mass-separated sources. Measured E, I(t). Pt183 [from Ta181(O16,xn), E=160-200 MeV]; measured T12, E, I, - and -X coincidence. Deduced logft, Ir183 levels, J, Nilsson. Ge(Li), He gas-jet recoil transport, mass separation. © 1979 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C

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