β decay of the πf5/2 ground state of Cu77 studied with 225 MeV and 0.2 MeV purified radioactive beams

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Isobarically purified beams of Cu77 with energies of 225 and 0.2 MeV were used at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility of Oak Ridge National Laboratory to study β decay into states in Zn77. Data taken at 225 MeV allowed the determination of absolute branching ratios relative to the decay of Cu77 for this β decay as well as its daughters. From these we obtained a refined β-delayed neutron emission probability of 30.3(22)% and a probability that the decay proceeds through Zn77g of 49.1(26)%. A total of 64 γ rays were placed in a level scheme for Zn77 containing 35 excited states including one state above the neutron separation energy, whereas two γ rays were observed for the βn branch to states in Zn76. The growth and decay curves of some prominent γ rays indicate a single β-decaying state with a half-life of 480(9)ms. The decay pattern for Cu77, with observed feeding of 8(3)% to 7/2+Zn 77g and 6(3)% to 1/2-Zn77m, in contrast to the large feeding observed for decay of πp3/2 Cu73g to 1/2-Zn 73g, strongly suggests a πf5/2 ground state for the studied Cu77 activity. © 2009 The American Physical Society.

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Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics

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