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Low temperature (<400 >K) thermoelectric properties of semiconducting RuIn3 and metallic IrIn3 are reported. RuIn3 is a narrow band gap semiconductor with a large n-type Seebeck coefficient at room temperature (S (290 K) ≈ - 400 μ V / K), but the thermoelectric figure of merit (Z T (290 K) ≈ 0.007) is small because of high electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity (κ(290 K) ∼ 2.0 W/m K). IrIn3 is a metal (n (290 K) ≈ 10 21 cm - 3) with low thermopower at room temperature (S (290 K) ≈ - 20 μ V / K). Iridium substitution on the ruthenium site has a dramatic effect on transport properties, which leads to a large improvement in the power factor (S 2 ρ (390 K) ∼ - 207 μ W m K 2) and corresponding figure of merit (ZT(380 K) = 0.053), improving the efficiency of the material by almost an order of magnitude. © 2013 American Institute of Physics.

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Journal of Applied Physics