On the optimum method of analysis of Faraday rotation and ellipticity measurements in a metal-oxide-semiconductor system

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We have previously calculated the Faraday rotation θ and ellipticity δ due to the two-dimensional electron gas at the oxide-semiconductor interface of a metal-oxide-semiconductor system. The results depend on such parameters of the system as the effective mass m*, the relaxation time τ, and the electron surface concentration N, and in fact the motivation is to enable one to determine such parameters from measurements of θ and δ. Here we discuss the optimum method for the determination of these parameters from the data. In particular, we argue that it is more desirable to carry out measurements at fixed magnetic field B and variable photon frequency ω, rather than at fixed ω and variable B. We also demonstrate how our analysis can be used to determine the predicted dependence of τ on magnetic field, without explicit knowledge of m* or N. © 1983.

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Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids

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