First study of the level structure of the r-process nucleus83Ge

J. S. Thomas, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
D. W. Bardayan, ORNL Physics Division
J. C. Blackmon, ORNL Physics Division
J. A. Cizewski, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
U. Greife, Colorado School of Mines
C. J. Gross, ORNL Physics Division
M. S. Johnson, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
K. L. Jones, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
R. L. Kozub, Tennessee Technological University
J. F. Liang, ORNL Physics Division
R. J. Livesay, Colorado School of Mines
Z. Ma, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
B. H. Moazen, Tennessee Technological University
C. D. Nesaraja, ORNL Physics Division
D. Shapira, ORNL Physics Division
M. S. Smith, ORNL Physics Division


The first (d,p) neutron transfer reaction on a neutron-rich r-process nucleus has been measured at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility. The 2H(82Ge, p)83Ge reaction was studied by bombarding a 430-μg/cm2 (CD2)n target with a 330-MeV beam of radioactive 82Ge. The reaction Q value (Q = 1.47 ± 0.02 stat. ±0.07 sys. MeV) has been measured leading to the first determination of the mass of the N = 51 nucleus 83Ge. Excitation energies, angular distributions, and spectroscopic factors for the first two states of 83Ge have also been determined. ©2005 The American Physical Society.