Multi-step processes in the interpretation of the 28Si(d, 3He)27Al reaction

R. N. Boyd, University of Rochester
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


Results from a CCBA analysis of the 28Si(d, 3He)27Al reaction are reported. The transfers are assumed to occur between dominant components of (λμ) symmetry (0, 12) and (2, 10) in the initial and final nuclear eigenstates respectively. The results show that cross sections to four of the six levels observed below 3 MeV can be fairly well reproduced within a pure K(J) band framework. However, consistent with electromagnetic results, all six levels can be fit if the K(J) band purity of the analysis, SU(3) model. 5 2+(ground and 2.73 MeV) states and 9 2+(3.00 MeV) state is abandoned. © 1977.