A study of the 19F(6Li, d)23Na reaction at 36 MeV

M. A. Eswaran, University of Rochester
H. E. Gove, University of Rochester
R. Cook, University of Rochester
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


The reaction 19F(6Li, d)236Na has been studied at a 6Li energy of 36 MeV and a finite range distorted wave analysis assuming a direct cluster transfer has been used to extract from the data α-particle spectroscopic strengths for levels populated below 5 MeV of excitation. The ground state strength is very weak relative to the corresponding 16O(6Li, d) result and is in good agreement with the pure symmetry SU(3) prediction. However, relative a-particle spectroscopic strengths to excited states disagree with the SU(3) predictions probably because of very low absolute strengths. © 1979.