On the validity of the pseudo-spin concept for axially symmetric deformed nuclei

D. Troltenier, Louisiana State University
W. Nazarewicz, ORNL Physics Division
Z. Szymański, ORNL Physics Division
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


The average single-particle field shows a very small pseudo-spin-orbit splitting in the pseudo-spin representation. If this splitting is neglected, pseudo-spin becomes a good quantum number and the resulting scheme (the pseudo-Nilsson model) has a very simple interpretation. The pseudo-spin symmetry embodied in the realistic deformed average field is explored by comparing the single-particle energies and wave functions of the deformed Woods-Saxon model with the corresponding results of the pseudo-Nilsson model. The scheme is used to calculate the magnetic moments of deformed odd-A nuclei of the rare-earth region. © 1994.