The 108,110,112Ru isotopes in the generalized collective model

D. Troltenier, Louisiana State University
J. P. Draayer, Louisiana State University
B. R.S. Babu, Vanderbilt University
J. H. Hamilton, Vanderbilt University
A. V. Ramayya, Vanderbilt University
V. E. Oberacker, Vanderbilt University


Very recently two groups reported on the measurement of excitation energies and γ-ray branching ratios for the very neutron-rich 108-110-112Ru isotopes. The experimental data were analyzed using the rigid triaxial rotor and the rotation-vibration models resulting in basically different conclusions about the essential physics of these nuclei. In order to try to resolve this matter we applied the generalized collective model to these isotopes: Our results are compared systematically to the available experimental data and to calculations within the two aforementioned models.