Basis generator for M-scheme SU(3) shell model calculations

Vesselin G. Gueorguiev, Louisiana State University
Jerry P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


A FORTRAN code for generating the leading SU(3) irreducible representation (irrep) of N identical spin 1/2 fermions in a harmonic oscillator mean field is introduced. The basis states are labeled by the total number of particles N, the SU(3) irrep labels (λ, μ), and the total spin of the system S. The orthonormalized basis states have two additional good quantum numbers: ∈ the eigenvalue of the quadruple operator Q0; and MJ the eigenvalues of the projection of the total angular momentum operator J0 = L0 + S0 The approach that is developed can be used for a description of nuclei in a proton-neutron representation and is part of a larger program aimed at integrating SU(3) symmetry into the best of the currently available exact shell-model technologies.