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Relative binding energies (RBEs) within three isotopic chains ( 100-130Sn, 152-181Yb, and 181-202Pb) have been studied using the exactly solvable extended pairing model (EPM) (F. Pan, V.G. Gueorguiev, J.P. Draayer, Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 112503 (2004) (see also these proceedings)). The unique pairing strength G, which reproduces the experimental RBEs, has been determined. Within EPM, log(G) is a smooth function of the model space dimension dim(A), as expected for an effective coupling strength. In particular, for the Pb and Sn isotopes G can be described by a two parameter expression that is inversely proportional to the dimensionality of the model space, G = αdim(A)-β with β ≈ 1. © Società Italiana di Fisica / Springer-Verlag 2005.

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European Physical Journal A

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