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As a simpler version of an extended (pseudo-)SU(3) model which acts in a model space of more than one oscillator shells, an extended pairing-plus- quadrupole model is introduced. The Hamiltonian consists of quadrupole- quadrupole plus pp-, nn- and pn-isovector and isoscalar pairing terms as well as terms describing the pair-scattering between two shells. Energy spectra and shape parameters for two N = Z nuclear systems having the same nucleon content as the nuclei 20Ne and 60Zn which belong to two different areas of the nuclear chart (ds - fp or upper - fp - gds shells) are calculated and the role of the two parts in the interaction, depending on the parameter strengths, is discussed. Both extended models provide for a microscopic description of nuclei while being selective on the choice of the relevant model space.

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series