Symmetry-adapted no-core shell model for light nuclei - 12C and 16O

Alison C. Dreyfuss, Keene State College
Kristina D. Launey, Louisiana State University
Jerry P. Draayer, Louisiana State University
Tomáš Dytrych, Louisiana State University
Chairul Bahri, University of Notre Dame


Symmetry-adapted, no-core shell-model calculations reveal dominant symmetry patterns in the structure of light nuclei, independent of whether the system Hamiltonian is phenomenological in nature or derived from realistic interactions. The outcome confirms the relevance of the pioneering work of early developers of the field, J.P. Elliott with his SU(3) model and M. Moshinsky with his U(3) many-body oscillator work. It also suggests a possible path forward for realizing macroscopic theories that target collective degrees of freedom in terms of more microscopic ones that build forward from the nucleon-nucleon interaction itself. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.