Chaos and regularity of radionuclides with maximum likelihood estimation method

A. Jalili Majarshin, Nankai University
H. Sabri, University of Tabriz
S. K.Mousavi Mobarakeh, University of Tabriz
Feng Pan, Liaoning Normal University
Yan An Luo, Nankai University
Yu Zhang, Liaoning Normal University
Jerry P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


In this study, we considered the fluctuation properties of some energy levels of even and odd mass radionuclides, which are used in complex phenomena. Different sequences are prepared by using all the available experimental data and analyzed by using the maximum likelihood estimation technique to get the chaoticity parameter of Abul-magd distribution. The dependence of chaoticity degrees of different radionuclides to their mass regions, their decay modes, and also their physical half-lives are studied. Our results show more chaotic behavior of odd-mass radionuclides in comparison with even-even mass and also the most Poisson-like behavior for even-even mass in the A > 150 mass region. The results offer the most regular behavior for long-lived, even mass radionuclides in comparison to other categories of half-lives. Also, we got an obvious difference between the chaoticity degrees for nuclei which undergo β + decay in comparison with radionuclides which show electron capture mode.