Nuclear structure and band mixing in Pt 194

A. Jalili Majarshin, Nankai University
Yan An Luo, Nankai University
Feng Pan, Liaoning Normal University
H. T. Fortune, University of Pennsylvania
Jerry P. Draayer, Louisiana State University


We introduce a two-particle, two-hole mixed configuration scheme to fit E2 strengths for the 0↔2, 2↔4, and 4↔6 transitions in Pt194. The interaction includes two sets of pairing operators, {S±(t),S0(t)} (t=s,d). Solutions within this framework are used to analyze energy spectra, E2 transitions, and band-mixing features of the model. The results confirm that mixing is small and similar for J=2, 4, and 6, with the calculated energies and transition matrix elements in excellent agreement with experimental data.