Our mission is to create and disseminate knowledge about how managers leverage resources—especially human resources—to achieve organizational goals, such as efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability. In pursuing this mission, we seek to build excellence through scholarly accomplishment, innovative instruction, and outstanding service to our students, our profession, and the external constituencies we serve.

Collectively, our faculty has amassed numerous outstanding research, teaching, and service honors from various entities. Professors and instructors in our department are leaders in their field and continuously work to actively engage students in a wide range of ongoing projects, the results of which are regularly reported in leading social science journals.

We prepare students for careers in areas such as organizational behavior, human resources, strategy, entrepreneurship, industrial/labor relations, and international management. Additionally, full-time management majors are eligible to become Rucks Fellows if they rank in the Top 10 of their class by cumulative GPA. William and Catherine Rucks endowed the department in 1996, and are the namesakes of the Rucks Fellowship. The department offers two degrees:

The Bachelor of Science in Management – A 120-hour program that focuses on training students to evaluate a firm’s competitive environment, evaluate a firm’s resources and capabilities, identify important managerial issues, address issues of implementation, and effectively communicate managerial issues and arguments.

The Bachelor of Science in General Business - General Business allows students to build a curriculum around one of more than a hundred possible minors in and outside of the E. J. Ourso College of Business. This curriculum allows students to turn their passion into their degree, as they select a minor and classes that make sense for their personal career goals.

The PhD in Management – A curriculum that teaches students to master the content of management theory and the content of management research methodology, conduct management research, communicate management research results in writing and in presentations, and teach undergraduate management courses.


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