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The general objective of this study was to provide updated estimates of value of the green industry in Louisiana. Data collection was conducted for the production sector (Nursery Growers and Sod Producers, and Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance Services) and the Golf Industry. In addition, expenditures on green industry products and services incurred by other sectors were obtained. Among those sectors were churches and cemeteries, public schools (elementary and secondary), public colleges and universities, private schools (elementary, secondary and college/university), parish/city grounds, state parks, road shoulder and median maintenance, and airports. To conduct the surveys, listings from those sectors were obtained from sources such as the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Louisiana Department of Education, Louisiana Department of Transportation, Louisiana Board of Cemeteries, American Business Directory and internet sources. Questionnaires were developed for the three main groups based on previous studies, and a single page questionnaire was developed to collect expenditures from other sectors. Survey procedures followed Dillman’s methodology. Using IMPLAN, a 1999 input-output model was built. This model provided results of direct, indirect, induced and total effects of the green industry in specific sectors such as Production, Golf Industry,Retail, Other, and an overall impact on Louisiana’s economy. Those impacts were measured in four categories: gross sales, personal income, gross state product and employment, and multiplier tables were reported. Economic impact by the Production sector on gross sales was estimated at $605 million, which includes Greenhouse and Nursery Products ($119 million) and Landscape and Horticultural Services ($266 million), while the impact of the Golf Industry on gross sales was estimated at $151 million. The economic impact by the Retail Sector and “Horticultural Expenditures Reported by Other Industries’ were estimated at $557 million and $872 million, respectively. Total economic impact by the green industry on Louisiana’s economy was estimated at $2.21 billion and 56,685 jobs were generated.



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