Semester of Graduation

Summer 2021


Master of Electrical Engineering (MEE)


The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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A stabilizing control scheme based on a Lyapunov function is proposed for wireless power transfer (or WPT) systems. A state-space model of the WPT system is developed and the Lyapunov function is formulated based on an energy equation of the system involving state variables. The internal resistance of a battery varies during charge and discharge. Therefore, if a WPT system is used to charge a battery, its output load will vary. Furthermore, the coupling coefficient between the transmitter (primary) and receiver (secondary) coils decreases when they are misaligned. Comparative case studies are conducted to verify the efficacy of the proposed controller in maintaining stability of the WPT system under load variation and acute misalignment of transmitter and receiver coils.

Committee Chair

Farasat, Mehdi