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Spring 2020

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The overrepresentation of racial/ethnic minority students in suspensions, expulsions, and office discipline referrals has been a primary focus of research in racial equity in education. Excessive use of exclusionary discipline practices has been tied to decreases in academic achievement, school dropout, and an increased risk for juvenile justice system involvement. To date, much of the research on the exclusionary discipline gap has focused more on establishing that the problem exists than on factors that may be contributing to this phenomenon. What has been examined usually focuses on non-malleable variables, such as student demographic factors and school characteristics, while teacher variables have been much less studied. This study aimed to extend the literature on variables relating to the use of exclusionary discipline in schools by examining the probable influence of a teacher variable not yet studied: teachers’ disciplinary style in the home. This study hoped to identify teacher variables that can be intervened with to reduce exclusionary discipline use with minority students.

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Long, Anna