Wake With Me

Semester of Graduation

Summer 2019


Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


LSU School of Theater

Document Type



This thesis outlines my research, writing, and performance process, leading up to and reflecting on the final product of my MFA Solo Thesis project. The project is entitled Wake With Me, and its performance is a shamanistic portrayal of a folklore story from my native place of origin; Kampala, Uganda. It is an exploration of the metaphorical loss of cultural identity through the literal loss of a family member, and the journey through story telling as a method to reclaim or preserve what was lost. Throughout the piece, the performer plays the role of narrator, using voice, body and mind to explore five distinct characters. These characters are all representative of significant aspects in the narrator’s life, and they act as stepping stones to a new realization and appreciation of cultural identity. A version of the original story of Nsangi And The Ogre, a copy of the final script, and my reflection on this process will be included in this document.

Committee Chair

Erickson, Nick