Semester of Graduation

Spring 2018


Master of Arts in Education (MAE)


Higher Education Administration

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Higher education is continuing to diversify and there is a need for student affairs to be intersectional in their approach (Renn & Reason, 2013). Having an understanding of how the dominate group, White/Caucasians, identify their racial identity or understand their identity in relation to other races is essential to creating dialogue and programming that targets the inequalities that exist in higher education. In this study, White student’s White racial consciousness is explored using a phenomenological approach. At the time of the study, the students participating were all enrolled undergraduates at Louisiana State University. The White Racial Consciousness Model is designed to explore the concept of Whiteness and its implications on other racial groups (Exploring college student development theory A, 2010). For the purpose of this study, I used the White Racial Consciousness Model to examine how White students at a Predominately White Institution in the Southeast came to understand their own racial identity and how they view the racial identities of people of color.



Committee Chair

Blanchard, Joy