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I want to create my own Utopia that is, as a system, not an ideal community but fun in appearance, like castles in the movie Alice in Wonderland, the land of Rivendell from Lord of the Rings, or the Archigram’s architectural drawings. Even though those scenes are fictional, viewers can picture themselves into that visualized description. Once my Utopia is visualized with its detail, it is the human imagination that makes the Utopia come alive. The one who gives function to unfamiliar things are viewers not creators. Playground In-Between was my first active attempt to construct my Utopia, which was composed of unique buildings and unfamiliar views. In the process of creating, I focused on the shapes – shapes of individual buildings and shapes of the finished composition – rather than thinking of function. My main task was breaking my stereotype of architectural form so that I could come up with a unique design. I could fulfill my task using unintentionally shaped building blocks made by others – scraps of wood. I combined those negative parts of wood together to form architecture. The process of assembling was as fun as if I played on the ground. This is why my work was titled, “Playground In-Between.”



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